What can you do to decrease that risk?

The problem is – if WikiLeaks is going to be shut down, a new WikiLeaks will appear. In other words, the threat of leaking information to the public is constantly increasing. (By the way, before he was jailed, Julian Assange had announced he would publish incriminating information about a major U.S. bank and its malpractice.)I want to touch here on the corporate point of view – what if we are the next target of WikiLeaks or its clone? How to ensure the security of our information and prevent the damage of such a large incident?But how does information security look like in practice? Let’s take a simple example – for instance, you leave your laptop frequently in your car, on the back seat. Chances are, sooner or later it will get stolen. Information Security Blog

What can you do to decrease that risk? First of all, you can make a rule (by writing a procedure or a policy) that laptops cannot be left in a car unattended, or that you have to park a car where some kind of physical protection exists. Second, you can protect your information by setting a strong password and encrypting your data. Further, you can require your employees to sign a statement by which they are legally responsible for the damage that may occur. But all these measures may remain ineffective if you didn’t explain the rules to your employees through a short training.So what can you conclude from this example? Information security is never a single security measure, it is always more of them together. And the measures are not only IT-related, but also involve organizational issues, human resources management, physical security and legal protection.The problem is – this was an example of a single laptop, with no insider threat. Now consider how complex it is to protect the information in your company, where the information is archived not only on your PCs, but also on various servers; not only in your desk drawers but also on all your mobile phones; not only on USB memory sticks but also in the heads of all employees. And you may have a very disgruntled employee.