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When it comes to self-publishing services, they have several advantages over traditional publishing houses. The latter often interferes with the creative process, and you need to make frequent changes in the manuscript you provide to the company. Moreover, you will only get a meager share of the royalties or profits from the book if it does well in the market. This is disappointing for new authors who desire to establish a name for themselves in the literary market.

ReadersMagnet is an esteemed name in the self-publishing and book marketing world today. It is known for its affordable packages and guidance given to authors when effectively marketing their books and establishing their brands in the market. They help writers in all book genres successfully publish their books and do not intervene in their creative process.

Self-publishing with the expert team her is available

  • Black and white
  • Full Color
  • Children’s book

The professionals here will do all the work for you to get the right package that suits your tastes and budget. They also offer you guidance on the marketing and publishing process not to get lost in the complexities of publishing your book.

There are affordable packages for you to choose from. You can select the hardcover, e-book, or paper back option, the size of your book, the design options, and lots more.

Get add-on services from the experts

The professionals also give you a wide range of extra services on request to unlock your complete potential for the creative process. The goal of the team of experts here is to give you customized services that make your book stand out in the crowd with success.

Get value for your money

Irrespective of what you are writing, be it fiction, romance, crime thrillers, horror stories, autobiographies, or self-help, the team here ensures that they deliver your book to the targeted audience with success. They want your audience to get what they are looking for and ensure your creative vision is never hampered in fulfilling this goal.

They also help writers with book trailers and blog posts needed for search engine optimization when they want to market their publications on digital media. The experts are skilled and have years of valuable experience to offer customized services to writers so that they can publish their books without tensions at all.

ReadersMagnet endeavors to give their authors a remarkable experience when it comes to the book marketing and self-publishing experience, especially for new writers. They help them with every part of the process and guide them with their profound knowledge. This is why they enjoy a good reputation in the market today. Writers that have been associated with the team of experts here state they are friendly, skilled, and understand the writer’s needs so well that they should be trusted for every book that one plans to release in the literary market in the future too!